Technology and its Place in Healthy Cities

Local Ecommerce and Sustainable Towns – Will our Regional towns and communities be saved by digital highways?

The evidence is clear. Regional identity and lifestyle is in decline. This decline has been long term and gradual. The issue is what are we going to do about it? Decades of concern and initiatives have done little to strengthen the future prosperity of regional communities. To turn things around and deliver the community’s aspirations for the future of their children and grandchildren will clearly require a new approach.

How do we….create great regions to live, work and play… places of Opportunity & Lifestyle?

This is a familiar vision for most regional communities and is a very practical definition of what “sustainability” means at the grassroots. Recent natural disasters in regional Australia have only added to the pressure on regional communities and the vitality of local business.

To counter the momentum of long term economic and social decline it will require strategic interventions of significant scale and impact. In regional communities the critical focus of sustainable growth, where change strengthens the community, centres on the ability deliver well paid local jobs for families across the region.

Strategic interventions need to deliver new skills, increased productivity, increased internet capabilities and the adaption of regional identity and lifestyle in a world subject to climate change and increasing energy costs.

The integration of Local Ecommerce into regional towns and communities may well be a once in generational opportunity to revitalise regional Australia. But what works in the city is different to what works in the regions. This paper provides insights and tips to how to develop local ecommerce that will promote the growth of regional local business and why this approach needs to be significantly different from city based local ecommerce.

Robert Prestipino, Director, Vital Places QLD will speak at the Healthy Cities: Making Cities Liveable Conference

Wednesday 27th to Friday 29th July  2011 at the  Outrigger Little Hastings Street Resort & Spa NOOSA, Queensland