Planning Positively for an Ageing Population in New Zealand

There are constant references in academic literature to the aging of New Zealand’s population and this is sometimes represented in the popular press as the arrival of a silver tsunami. However, awareness of the issue has not as yet led to similar informed debate on how the issues of this aging population will be addressed and how urban areas may need to be altered to remain liveable.

In particular the planning community seems to have taken a limited interest in the needs of an aging population despite an upsurge in interest in and use of urban design to create more liveable and healthy living environments. This paper will look at what change is needed in the New Zealand planning system to both acknowledge the aging of the population and to plan positively and flexibly for it. It will look at how urban areas can be better designed to both meet the needs of an aging population, particularly to allow them to age in place while still providing good quality liveable environments for the balance of the population.

A/Prof Caroline Miller, Associate Professor, Massey University, Palmerston North, NZ will speak at…

Two Conferences! Three Days! One Location in 2013

6th Making Cities Liveable Conference, in conjunction with the Sustainable Transformation Conference, is being held from the 17th – 19th June 2013 at Novotel Melbourne St Kilda. The collaboration brings together National, State and Regional delegates to explore, exchange ideas and network.

The joint conference will be a platform for Government, Industry sector professionals and Academics to discuss causes, effects and solutions. Delegates will have access to an extensive range of topics with over 90 presentations across three days including Keynotes, Concurrent Sessions, Case Studies and Posters.


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