Parenting and place: pilot study exploring experiences of women from inner and outer Melbourne suburbs

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Fiona Andrews, Claire Henderson-Wilson, Mardie Townsend from the Centre for Health through Action on Exclusion, presented this paper at the 2012 Conference.

This pilot study explored the views of women from inner-city and outer suburban municipalities on their residential location as a place in which to raise children.

Thematic analysis of interviews revealed that, irrespective of location, women had not chosen to reside in their municipality on the basis of child-rearing. However there were key differences between their experiences of raising their children in the two municipalities in relation to the social connections they both expected, and encountered in their local communities, as well as their attitudes towards transport,open space and safety.

Findings will help inform the design of a larger scale study comparing families’ experiences of raising children in a changing urban environment.

You can get a copy of the full paper here

Two Conferences! Three Days! One Location in 2013

6th Making Cities Liveable Conference, in conjunction with the Sustainable Transformation Conference, is being held from the 17th – 19th June 2013 at Novotel Melbourne St Kilda. The collaboration brings together National, State and Regional delegates to explore, exchange ideas and network.

The joint conference will be a platform for Government, Industry sector professionals and Academics to discuss causes, effects and solutions.  Delegates will have access to an extensive range of topics with over 90 presentations across three days including Keynotes, Concurrent Sessions, Case Studies and Posters.


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