Shopping not a waste of Energy

General waste that will be produced at Sydney’s newest shopping centre, Top Ryde City, is scheduled to be recovered and reused to create renewable electricity, thanks to an innovative and sustainable waste management process implemented by Veolia Environmental Services.

In a bid to reduce the amount of general waste and recyclable materials going to traditional landfills, Veolia Environmental Services is looking to recover up to 60-65% of all general waste and recyclable materials, once the centre launches on November 5.  The company’s Woodlawn Eco-Precinct enables general waste to be recovered and reused.  General waste from the Ryde site will be transported to our Woodlawn Bioreactor, where the gas produced from the waste breaking down, will be used to create renewable energy. 

Top Ryde City’s management estimates that it will produce approximately 1,440 tonnes of general waste a year.  By utilising bioreactor technology, Veolia will able to produce approximately 411,840kWh of electricity per annum from this waste.  With households estimated at using 8000kWh of electricity per year [i], a year’s general waste from Top Ryde City is estimated to produce enough power for 50 households for a year. Michelle Thomas, Defined Developments Project Marketing Manager, says the work that Veolia Environmental Services provides is ground-breaking. “It is wonderful to know that a shopping centre of this size can make a genuine difference to its eco footprint,” said Mrs Thomas.

Veolia estimates that each tonne of Commercial and Industrial (C&I) waste sent to its Woodlawn Bioreactor instead of a traditional landfill, will help save 1.2 tonnes of greenhouse gas (tCO2-e) [ii]. The company also estimates that 1,440 tonnes of general waste produced at Top Ryde City a year, will equate to a saving of 1,728 tonnes of greenhouse gases (tCO2-e) per year. This is equivalent to taking 430 cars off the road for a year [iii] or planting over 6,000 trees [iv].

Healthy Cities Conference,  Noosa, July 2011


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