Present a paper at the Conference

Healthy Cities: 4th Making Cities Liveable Conference

Thursday  28th and Friday 29th July  2011

Venue: The Outrigger Little Hastings Street Resort & Spa NOOSA, Queensland

“Healthy cities are all about local involvement. They continually and actively explore ways to contribute to implementing WHO strategies at the urban and local levels. They have the potential to provide essential public health leadership, to create the preconditions for healthier living and participatory governance and to facilitate intersectoral action. Further, in times of economic downturn, city governments can play a key role as advocates and guardians of the health needs of the people who are most vulnerable and socially disadvantaged”. WHO

“Where people live affects their health and chances of leading flourishing lives. Communities and neighbourhoods that ensure access to basic goods, that are socially cohesive, that are designed to promote good physical and psychological wellbeing, and that are protective of the natural environment are essential for health equity.” Closing the gap in a generation report,WHO

The 4th Making Cities Liveable Conference will be a platform for Government and Industry sector professionals to discuss causes, effects and solutions that relate to population health, sustainability, natural resource management, transport, climate change and urban design and more.  Delegates will examine the impact of urban and transport planning on the health and well-being of the population and the planet.

We will examine public policy and social/community outcomes and consider what actions we can take to positively influence the ongoing debate.

+ Intensification of Regional Cities and Places
+ Impacts of buying local on Community Sustainability
+ Green Principles Green Design – The Future for Viable Healthy Cities

2. Coastal Urbanisation – Rapid Development Affecting Sense of Place

3. Climate Change Adaptation

+ Renewable Energy
+ Community Engagement
+ Natural Resource Management
+ Waste Reuse Technologies

4. Links between Environmental Sustainability and Human Health: the Co-benefits Framework
+ Population Health Management – immunisation, bio security, food safety and epidemic control
+ Managing Communicable Disease Outbreaks – Health Security
+ Child-friendly Cities – Physical Environments in our Cities and Neighbourhoods
+ Disaster Management – public welfare –  recovery and rebuild

5. Technology and its Place in Healthy Cities
6. Managing Legislation and Policy to achieve Healthy Cities

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