Social Sustainability through Affordable Housing: The South Australian Experience

The South Australian government is implementing an ambitious 30 Year Urban Plan to provide a transit driven future accommodating high population growth within existing areas and on fringe land. Affordable Housing provison is a key planning initiative supporting this socially sustainable mix and growth.
The government has set a target of 15% Affordable Housing in all new significant developments, with a major focus on the Adelaide Metropolitan area. Planning and Housing Legislation has been aligned at all levels from the State Strategic Plan and the Planning Strategy through to Council Development Plans, with enabling planning policy. The private and NGO /community housing sectors are considered key partners in achieving these outcomes.
Within the housing continuum, holistic Urban Regeneration in areas of high public housing concentrations as well as small scale incremetal infill programmes are in progress, delivering best practice adaptable housing and energy efficiency. Running parallel with this,  Housing SA is pioneering a raft of innovative financial mortgage products in the State such as a ‘shared equity’ product that provides easier access to home ownership in high demand areas.          
The paper at the conference will outline the progress made, highlight project outcomes and deliver some thoughts on existing and future challenges in meeting the affordable housing targets.

Belinda Hallsworth is the Manager of Urban and Regional Planning for the Affordable Housing Unit within Housing SA.


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